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Hop Flowers Tea - Organic NZ


New Zealand Grown, Organic Hop Flowers Herbal Loose Leaf Tea is Naturally & Holistically Calming, Soothing & Relaxing on Your Whole Holistic Wellbeing.


Drinking New Zealand Hop Flowers Organic Herbal Tea Before Bed is a Great Way to Encourage a Calm Mind and Allow for a Soothing and More Relaxing Experience. Helping You to Wake Up Feeling Fresh, Clear and Start Your Day Right!

Our New Zealand Organic Hop Flowers are Used as a Herbal Loose Leaf Tea is to Holistically Help You Relax. Hops are the Flowers of the Hop Plant, Humulus lupulus and are Mostly used as a Flavouring and Stability Agent in Beer to Impart Bitter, Zesty, or Citric Flavours.


Hops are Also Used in Herbal Remedies Since they Contain Numerous Beneficial Relaxation Compounds. These Various Compounds have been Shown to Provide a Number of Benefits to Boost Overall Wellness.

There are a Number of Different uses that are Associated with Drinking Organic Hops Tea. Among the Most Well-known is the Herbal Tea's Ability to Help You Calm Down and Relax Better. Drinking Organic New Zealand Hops Tea Before Bed is a Great Way to Allow for a Soothed and More Relaxed Wellbeing.


100% New Zealand Organic Raw Hops Flower.


Dosage - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation - To Prepare a Cup of Organic New Zealand Hops Herbal Tea Steep it for 5 to 8 Minutes. Natural Sweetener or Lemon can be Added for Taste if Desired. You can Drink one Cup up to Three Times a Day, or as Needed.

To Avoid Unwanted Side Effects and Interactions, it is Not Advised to Drink this Herbal Tea if you are Currently Pregnant or if you are Taking any Prescription Medications.

External Uses - New Zealand Hops Loose Leaf Tea is Great to use Externally as Well. By Applying it to a Cloth. 


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.