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Horsetail Tea - Organic


Organic Horsetail is an Herbal Loose Leaf Tea & has a Variety of Holistic & Soothing Effects on Overall Wellbeing, Especially For Skin & Hair Wellness.


Organic Horsetail Herbal Loose Leaf Tea has had many uses During the Ages Including Being Used as an Ingredient in Shampoos, Skincare Products, and in Dietary Supplements. 


100% Organic Raw Horsetail.


Dosage - Soak 1-2 Tsp of Dried Organic Horsetail Tea in 1 Cup of Cold Water for 10-15 Min. Or, Gently Simmer for at Least 5-10 min. Then Strain and Drink 2 Cups of the Tea everyday. Drink the Tea for 2 Weeks.

For a Deeper Wellness Effect - Combine 1 Tsp Horsetail, 1 Tsp Dandelion Root, 1 Tsp Licorice Root. Prepare this Blood Purifying Tea, Soaking or Simmering all the Herbs Together.

Precautions - Avoid if there are Kidney Stones. Don't take Horsetail Herb if you take an ACE Inhibitor for High Blood Pressure and you have Congestive Heart Failure, as the Combination of the Herb and the Drug can cause Accumulation of Excessive Potassium.

Not to use while Pregnant. Toxicity Similar to Nicotine Poisoning has been seen in Children who Ingest Large Amounts.


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