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Kola Nut Powder - Wildcrafted


Wildcrafted Kola Nut is a Uniquely Pure & Rich, Earthy Powder. Holistically Nourishes Your Enjoyment During Time Spent at Work, Gym, Track or Dance Club.


Wildcrafted Kola Nut Contains 100% No Nasties! In Africa, Kola Nut is Prized for its Nourishing Attributes and is Incredible Valuable, Especially When Endurance is Needed!

Wildcrafted Kola Nut Powder is a Uniquely Pure and Rich in an Earthy Root Flavour. Naturally Nourishes Your Enjoyment During Work, Gym, Sports Track or Trail, Dance and Sex.

Kola Nut (or Cola Nut) is the Seed of a 20 Feet High Tree that Grows in Africa, Jamaica and Brazil. Kola Nut was the Main Ingredient in Coca-Cola after Cocaine Became Illegal.


Wildcrafted Kola Nut - Origin - Ivory Coast, West Africa.


Dosage - 1 Tsp, 3 Grams.

Preparation - 1 Tsp of Powder into Water, Juice, Smoothies etc.

Tea Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Kola Nut Powder and Allow to Steep for 3-5 Minutes. For a More Medicinal Tonic Steep for 10-15 Minutes. Use Until Depleted.

Precautions - Avoid if there is Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure. Not to be used while Pregnant. Contains High Levels of Caffeine, Not Suitable for Caffeine Sensitive Individuals. Those on Medication those with Health Problems.


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