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L-Glutamine - Vegan


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100% Vegan L-Glutamine is a Nourishing Amino Acid to Fuel Strength while Training. Made From an Environmentally Clean & Natural Fermentation Process.


Eternal Delights L-Glutamine is a 100% Vegan and Plant-Based Natural Amino Acid Powder.

Made from an Environmentally Clean and Natural Fermentation Process Using Only Vegan and Non-GMO Plants.

100% Plant-Based L-Glutamine is an Natural Vegan Amino Acid to Nourish Stamina and Muscle Strength.

On Training Days, It is Recommend to Consume Glutamine Before or During Exercise.

Vegan L-Glutamine is Directly Linked to Protein Synthesis and Prevents Your Muscles from Decreasing, So You Holistically Reap All the Rewards from a Hard Days Training!


L-Glutamine is an Excellent Choice for Anyone Engaged in a Long-Term Physical Training Program, From Yoga, Running, Amateur Cycling to Professional Bodybuilding.

L-Glutamine is Important for All Bodybuilders and Body Sculptures to Maintain and Build Muscle Mass.

During Intense Training, Glutamine Levels are Depleted in Your Body, which Decreases Strength, Stamina and Recovery.

It Can take up to 6 Days for Glutamine Levels to Return to Normal.

Glutamine Plays a Major Role in Protein Synthesis and may Help Minimise Muscle Breakdown and Enhance Protein Metabolism.

Eternal Delight's Clean, Vegan L-Glutamine is a Fantastic Natural Functional Food Supplement.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp, 5 Gram.

Preparation - Add 1 Tsp to Your Favourite Eternal Delight Wellness Blends or Smoothie.

Bodybuilders Should Take 10 to 15 Grams of L-Glutamine a Day. Supplementing 2 to 3 Times Daily, with Each Serving Around 5 Grams.

You Should Also know that You May Already be Getting Some L-Glutamine in Your Diet From Other Eternal Delight Functional Food Supplements such as our Protein Powder?!

All of Eternal Delights Protein Sports Wellness Powders Already have L-Glutamine Mixed into Them! So Read the Nutrition Labels.

The Best Times to take L-Glutamine Powder is in the Morning, After a Workout and at Night, Before Bed Time.


100% L-Glutamine.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.