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Lady's Mantle - Organic


Take the Time & Embrace Life's Challenges with Organic Lady's Mantle Herbal Loose Leaf Tea. A Special Women's & Female Botanical to Holistically Nourish.


A Unique Herbal Tea that Grows at High Altitudes and is Organically Picked During the Summer Months.

Organic Lady's Mantle Tea has a Massive Reputation for Being a Go To for Womens Wellness.

Lady's Mantle is a Balancing Herb and is Most Popular with Women Looking for a Holistic Tonic to Nurture Wellbeing Organically.

If You Want to Go the Extra Mile and Make the Most of Your Female Vitality, Enjoy a Cup of Organic Lady's Mantel Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Today!

ED-I - Try Adding Our Organic Sweet Delight for a Super Nice, Caramel Like Flavour While Enjoying this Exotic Botanical.


Serving Size -  1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Boiled Water to Your Tea and Steep for 5-10 Minutes.

ED-I - Try Adding Sweet Herbs to Your Lady's Mantel, for a More Enjoyable Experience.