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Lavender Flowers Tea - Organic


Organic Lavender Flowers Make for a Fragrant Beauty & Relaxation Tea, That has an Aromatic & Sensual Scent, Chased with a Uniquely Botanical Flavour.


Organic Lavender Flowers Herbal Lose Leaf Tea has One of the Most Recognised Scents In the World and Known Best to Promote Rest and Relaxation.

Made from 100% Organic Lavender Flowers and Instantly Perfect for Brewing a Soothing Cup of Herbal Tea, Rich in Flavour and Amazing Natural Wellness Benefits.


An Organic Sweet-Scented Botanical, Lavender is a Rich and Aromatic Perennial Evergreen Shrub that Can Be Used as a Natural Perfume.

The Use of Raw Lavender Goes Back Thousands of Years.

Organic Lavender Flowers Herbal Tea is Delicious Hot or Iced and is Famous for the Ability to Nourish Relaxation Desires.


Serving Size - 1/2 Teaspoon Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Pure Lavender and Steep for 3-10 Minutes.

Try Adding Fresh Mint from the Garden and Make it Even More Special Organic Lavender is a Wonderful Herb with Many Uses in Teas, Tinctures, Natural Remedies, Skin Care, Body Lotions etc.

For Best Results, Avoid Heating the Herb Directly with Boiling Water, Although a Simmer is Fine.