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Liquorice Root Powder - Organic


Liquorice Root Powder has a Organic Sweet Anise-like Flavour & Works Best with Raw Lemon & Ginger. Enjoy this Astonishing Herbal Wellness Powder Today!


A Great Wellness Addition to Your Morning Smoothie, Organic Liquorice Root Powder is One of the Most Widely Holistically used Superfoods Worldwide, and is the Single most used Herb in Natural Chinese Medicine Today. Alexander the Great Recommended that His Troops Carry and use Liquorice to Help with Stamina, for Long Marches and Thirst in Areas of Drought.

In the Middle Ages Organic Liquorice Root was Taken to Alleviate the Negative Effects of Highly Spicy Food or Overcooked Food. In 1914, the Chicago Liquorice Company Began to sell Black Vines, the First in a Very Long Line of Liquorice Based Modern Candies.


In a Recent Survey of Western Medical Herbalists, Liquorice Ranked as the 10th Most Important Herb used in Clinical Practice. An Astonishing Number Chinese Herbal Formulas use Liquorice to Sweeten Teas and to "Harmonise" Contrasting Herbs. First Documented by the Great Chinese Herbal Master Zhang Zhong Zhing, About 190 AD, But it was Certainly Used for Many Centuries Prior to This.


Dosage - Add 1/2-1 tsp into Water, Smoothie, Shake etc. For a More 'Medicinal' Effect Steep as a Herbal Tea for 5-10 Minutes.

ED-I - For General Cleansing and Healing - Combine 1 tsp Horsetail, 1 tsp Dandelion Root, 1 tsp Licorice Root. Prepare this Blood Purifying Tea, Soaking or Simmering all the Herbs Together.

Precautions - Don't use Liquorice if you have High Blood Pressure. Your body Needs Potassium from Fruit and Vegetables to Compensate for the Excretion of Potassium Stimulated by Liquorice.

If you use Steroids or an Asthma Inhaler, Liquorice will Increase Both the Effectiveness of the Drug and the Severity of its Side Effects. Its Long term use is not Recommended, and it is Not Recommended for use by Pregnant women. May Cause Stomach Upset if taken in Large Quantities.


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