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Lucuma Powder - (Peruvian)


Raw Lucuma Powder has a Maple Like Flavour and Makes For a Yummy Peruvian Experience When Added to Your Wellness Smoothie, Ice Cream, Pudding or Desserts.


Beloved by the Incas, Raw Lucuma Powder is from the Yummy Peruvian Fruit Lucuma, that has a Natural Maple-like Taste and Makes for a Sweet Holistic Addition to Your Home Made Desserts, Smoothies, Baked Goods and Even Ice Cream.

Lucuma is an Unusual Fruit from the Andean Region of South America with a Distinctive, Aromatic Sweet Flavour.

Peruvian Lucuma Grows Best at Altitudes Above 1,000-2400 Meters and Works Well in Desserts for its Custardy like Flavour.


Lucuma is a Yellow-Fleshed Fruit Native to South America, Beloved by the Incas, Lucuma is a Super Nutritious Peruvian Fruit.

Lucuma Naturally Falls to the Ground at Maturity, But Still Needs Several Days to Fully Ripen and Peak in Flavour.

After a Patient Wait, the Fruit is Peeled, Pitted, Dehydrated and Milled into a Fine Whole Fruit Powder.

A Little Lucuma Powder Blended into a Smoothie, Ice Cream, Pudding or Desserts, Makes for a Truly Delicious Experience.

Lucuma is the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavour in Peru.


Serving Size - 2 Tbsp (10g).

Preparation - Mix 2 Tablespoon with Yogurt, Ice Cream, Smoothies or to Your Favourite Recipes.


Luscious Lucuma Ice Cream.

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