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Maca Coffee - Wildcrafted


Peruvian Grown Instant & Incredible, Maca Coffee Powder has a Deliciously Roasted & Nutty Butter Scotch Flavour that Goes Well with Sweet or Savoury!


Wildcrafted Maca Coffee is an Uplifting Powder, A Lightly Roasted Herbal Pick Me Up. 100% Gelatinised Fine Ground Roasted Maca Root has Fully Bodied Coffee-Like Flavour and is Most Delightful when Blended with Vanilla or Hazelnut.

Can Be Served Hot or Cold Over Ice by Using Any Milk Substitute, All the Steam You Need, Without the Caffeine Come Down! A Perfect Alternative for Coffee Addicts and the Gym Junkie to Naturally Nourish Endurance. 

Try Mixing with Your Favourite Chocolate Treats, to Experience Real Culinary Magic. A Perfect Thickener for Soups and Goes Great with Wholesome Fruit Smoothies.


South America Whole-Food, Maca is a A Root Vegetable Grown High in the Peruvian Andes, that has Been Traditionally used by the Incan to Elevate Mood for Centuries.

Our Maca is Grown at High Altitudes, In Areas Still Untouched by Pollution. Holistically Sun-Dried and Low-Temperature Processed, Into a Fine and Pure Superfood Powder, Ensuring Maximum Nutrient Content and Vitality.


Dosage - You May Use 1/2-1 Tsp or More of Maca Coffee Powder in Smoothies, Teas, Nut Milks, Coffee or Just About Any Natural Beverage and Food You can Think of.

Maca Coffee is a Great Addition to Desserts and Sweet treats, Favourite Beverages, Protein Drinks, Nut Butters, Desserts and Raw Chocolate Creations.

Note - For Consistent Use, Its Recommended that you Consume 1-3 Teaspoons Each Day, Take a Week off Every Month.


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