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Vegan Maca Parmesan - Nut & Dairy Free


Vegan Maca Parmesan is Dairy & Soy Free. When Mixed into Smashed Avocado the Two Become Instant Best Friends & will Fulfil Your Wildest Cheesy Dreams!


Eternal Delight's Organic Maca Parmesan is a 100% Natural and Wholesome Alternative to Parmesan Cheese. Sprinkle Raw Maca Parmesan onto Your Favourite Savoury Foods for a Nutty Cheesy Flavour that Boosts Average Food to the Next Level in Taste and Wellbeing Value.

Eternal Delight's Maca Parmesan Goes Great with Popcorn, Pizza, Pasta, Grains, ​Soup and onto Your Favourite Salad.​​ Unlike other Vegan Cheeses, Eternal Delight's Organic Maca Parmesan is Low Calorie, Nut Free and Contains 100% No Nasties.

We Do Not use Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Sugar and Artificial Crap. Raw Maca Parmesan is Delicious and Organically Contains Clean Plant-Based 23% Protein.

Maca Parmesan is Nourishing on Sandwiches, ​Avocado, Veggies ​and Most Savoury Foods. All Wellness Lovers Enjoy Maca Parmesan for the Versatile Rich Flavour, Kids Love it, Moms Love it, Even Non-Vegans Enjoy the Taste and Experience.


Wildcrafted" New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Sunflower Seeds*, Maca Root", Nutritional Yeast*, Turmeric Root*, Camu Camu, Sea Salt^.