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Maca Parmesan - Nut & Dairy Free


Vegan Maca Parmesan is Dairy & Soy Free. When Mixed with Smashed Avocado, The Two Become Instant Best Friends & Will Fulfil Your Wildest Cheesy Dreams!


Eternal Delight's Organic Maca Parmesan is a 100% Natural and Wholesome Alternative to Parmesan Cheese.

Sprinkle Raw Maca Parmesan onto Your Favourite Savoury Foods for a Nutty Cheesy Flavour that Boosts Average Food to the Next Level in Taste and Wellbeing Value.

Eternal Delight's Maca Parmesan Goes Great with Popcorn, Pizza, Pasta, Grains, Soup and onto Your Favourite Salad.


Unlike other Vegan Cheeses, Eternal Delight's Organic Maca Parmesan is Low Calorie, Nut Free and Contains 100% No Nasties.

We Do Not use Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Sugar and Artificial Crap. Raw Maca Parmesan is Delicious and Organically Contains Clean Plant-Based 23% Protein.

Maca Parmesan is Nourishing on Sandwiches, Avocado, Veggies and Most Savoury Foods.

All Wellness Lovers Enjoy Maca Parmesan for the Versatile Rich Flavour, Kids Love it, Moms Love it, Even Non-Vegans Enjoy the Taste and Experience.


Wildcrafted" New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Sunflower Seeds*, Maca Root", Nutritional Yeast*, Turmeric Root*, Camu Camu", Sea Salt^.