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Maca Prime - Gelatinised


Wildcrafted Maca Prime is a Delicious Peruvian Root that Organically Nourishes Strength & Stamina. A Gelatinised Culinary Powder to Enhance Wellness.


Our Wildcrafted Gelatinised Maca Prime has a Unique Nutty Butter Scotch Flavour and Adds Real Culinary Magic to Your Kitchen! A Delicious and Incredible Holistic Peruvian Superfood which Naturally Nourishes Endurance and Stamina.

Todays Athletes are Confirming what History has had to say About this Incredible Superfood. Maca is the Real Deal! A Powerful and Balanced Whole-Food that Taste Yummy and is Perfect for Everyone.

Maca is a Root Vegetable Grown High in the Peruvian Andes. It was Sacred to the Incas and has Been used as a Herbal Food in South America for Centuries. Maca is Well known for its Ability to Enhance Strength, Endurance and is Prized throughout the Incan Empire for its Organic Wellbeing Qualities.

Support your Athletic Performance with our Trusted Sports Nutrition and Best Organic (Real-Food) Supplements as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.


Our Maca is Grown at High Altitudes in Areas Untouched by Pollution, Sun-Dried and Low-Temperature Processed into a Fine and Pure Powder, Ensuring Maximum Nutrient Content. 

Many Companies Responsible for the Production of Maca Powder in Peru may not Actually be Processing their Macas Properly.

Companies that do not have the Infrastructure for these Processes, Do not Disinfect the Raw Material because Organic Biodegradable Disinfectant Products that are Needed are Often Expensive.

As a Result, they Cannot Lower the Microbiological Levels and Usually must Solve this Problem by Irradiating their Macas at the Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy (IPEN). Some Markets such as the Japanese have Actually Restricted Imports of Any irradiated Maca into their Country.


Dosage - You May Use 1/2-1 Tsp or More of Maca Prime Powder in Smoothies, Teas, Nut Milks, Coffee or Just About Any Natural Beverage and Food You Can think of.

Maca is a Great Addition to Your Favourite Beverages, Protein Drinks, Nut Butters, Desserts, Sweet Treats and Raw Chocolate Creations. Maca has an Unusual and Beautiful Relationship with Cacao in General.

Note - For Consistent use, It's Recommended that You Consume 1-3 Teaspoons Each Day, and to Take a Week off Every Month.


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