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Marshmallow Root Tea - Organic


Organic Marshmallow Root is a Botanical Herbal Tea that has a Long History Dating Back Thousands of Years as an Raw Holistic Tonic & Natural Mouth Rinse.


Organic Marshmallow Root is an Timeless Herbal Remedy, A Truely Wonderful Plant, Great for Making a Wellness Tonic or Your Own Raw Beauty Gel and Soothing Mucilage Mask.

Try as a Organic Marshmallow Mouth Rinse to Simply Swish the and Gargle the Cold Infused Tea for a Holistic Approach to Whole Wellbeing.

ED-I - We Recommend to Prepare as a Cold Infusion for Full Benefits.


Dosage - Add Boiled Water to Your Organic Marshmallow Root Tea and Allow to Steep for 3-5 Minutes.

Decoction - Stronger Brew - Steep for 5-15 Minutes.

Cold Infusion - To Make a Cold Infusion you will Need a Jar and Lid. Marshmallow Root and Lukewarm Water. Simply Fill a Jar 1/4 of the Way with Organic Marshmallow Root. Then fill the Jar with Lukewarm Water and Cover with a Lid.

Let Sit for a Minimum of 4 Hours or Overnight. The Water should Change Colour to a Soft Yellow. Strain off the Organic Roots. The Resulting Liquid should be Thick and Viscous.

ED-I - Try Adding a Little Peppermint to the Cold Infusion to find Relief from Heartburn, Peptic Ulcers and Inflamed Intestines.

Note - Marshmallow Root is Considered Safe for Everyone to use, Although it is Recommended to be taken Several hours After taking Prescription Medications as it may Inhibit the Absorption. 


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