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Matcha Tea Powder - (Organic)

$ 9.99 NZD

Our Organic Mindful Matcha is a Deliciously Uplifting Green Tea Superfood Powder that Elevates a Whole-Some Sense of Balance and Nourishes Best Wellbeing.


Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Holistically Boosts Vitality and Naturally Nourishes You Throughout the Day, While Cleanses and Provides a Wholesome Sense of Wellness.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is a Delicious Alternative to Coffee as Your Morning Go To, For a Natural Pick Me Up.

Matcha was Traditionally Made in China by Buddhist Monasteries and was Further Refined in Japan Under the Great Japanese Tea Master Sen in the 16th Century.

Our Matcha is Sustainably Grown in the Pristine Mountains fo the Fujian Province of China.

Organic Matcha is Delicious when Made as a Latte with Your Favourite Milk and Naturally Nourishes a Sense of Best Wellbeing.


1 Cup of Organic Matcha Tea Powder is Equivalent to 10 cups of Brewed Green Tea in Terms of Nutritional Value, Body and Flavour.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is an Easy and Simple way to Add Powerful Organic Benefits to Your Everyday Lifestyle.

Enjoying a Cup of Organic Matcha Helps You to Safely Cleanse Naturally.

Our Organic Matcha is Carefully Shade-Grown and is Substantially Richer in Chlorophyll than other Green Teas, Making it a Superior Daily Cleanser.

It is Made from 1st and 2nd Harvest Leaves, Which Makes it Rather an in Between grade: Not as Pristine as Ceremonial but Better than Cooking Grade.

Organic Matcha Can Help You through the Everyday Marathon of Life, whether its that Project Due the Next Day or Getting the Kids from School to Sports Practice.

Organic Matcha is Great for the Office, Home Wellness Pantry or Gym.


Organic* Ingredient - Matcha*.

Serving Size - 1/4 Tsp (1g) Per 30ml Cup.

Preparation - Organic Matcha Can be Added to Smoothies, Desserts, Latte Drinks, Protein Shakes etc.

Pour a Few Drops of Hot Water, Cooled to 70-80C Over Matcha Powder to Turn the Tea Powder into a Paste, Add the Remaining Water Immediately or Prepare Traditionally as Follows:

Traditionally - Place 1/4 - 1 Tsp of the Powder in to a Matcha Bowl, Doused with 60-100ml of Hot Water Around 75-80 Degrees, Then with a Bamboo Broom, Beat until Frothy.

The Higher and Stronger the Foam, The Better the Tea is Done.


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