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Mimosa Bark Tea - Wildcrafted


In TCM He Huan Pi, Wildcrafted Mimosa Bark Tea, Aka the Happiness Herb, Offers a Profound Natural Effect for Relaxation, Balance & Whole Wellbeing.


Wildcrafted Mimosa Bark Tea Safely and Naturally Promote's Clarity, Calm and Relaxation.

Albizia Julibrissin is Known by a Wide Variety of Common Names, Such as Persian Silk Tree or Pink Siris.

The Unique Bark of the Mimosa Tree is Among the Most Valued of All, Chinese Botanicals.

Mimosa is Commonly Found Growing throughout Temperate Zones in the Western United States and is Native to China, Persia, Korea and Japan.


Traditionally Known as “He Huan Pi” (Bark) Aka The Happiness Herb, Plus The Collective Happiness Bark, by the Chinese.

A Wildcrafted Herbal Wellness Tonic First Documented in the 2nd Century for its Mood Supportive and Calming Properties.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Decoction Preparation - To Make an Herbal Tea for One Person, Add 250ml of Water and 1 Teaspoons of Mimosa Bark, Bring to Boil and then Simmer for 5-10 Minutes.

Precaution - Do Not Use During Pregnancy. One Should Always Consult a Qualified Medical Practitioner when Attempting to Integrate an Herb, or Any Natural Approach as an Alternative to Prescribed Medications.


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