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Mocha Delight - Coffee Substitute


Our WildCrafted Mocha Delight Makes for a Delicious Chocolate/Coffee Like Wellness Latte. An Luxurious Herbal Blend to Impart Vitality & Best Wellbeing!


Perfect Top of the Morning! Mocha Delight Gives a Earthy, Sweet Flavour and Delightfully Muddy, Cup a Joe Look!

Rich in Botanical Ingredients and Passionately Handcrafted Since 09, By Us!

Smile and Holistically Nourish a Busy Work Day with Our Chocolate Expresso, Instant Powder Alternative.

A Great Addition to the Home Pantry, Work Place, School or Gym and Perfect for People with an Active Lifestyle Looking for More Fuel to Fire their Endurance!


When You Reach for Your Fix in the Morning, Go Wellness, Go Herbal with Our Elite Herbal Blend to Impart Your Best Day and Wellness.

A Functional Coffee Alternative and an Easy Organic Approach to Vitality. Contains 100% No Nasties!

Mocha Delight is a High Time All Time Coffee Substitute and an Organic Approach to Vitality.

Support Your Athletic Performance with our (Real Food) Sports Nutrition and Trusted Organic Functional Whole-Foods as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.


Wildcrafted" Organic* Ingredients - Dandelion Root, Fo ti Root", Cacao", Kola Nut", Siberian Ginseng Extract, Pro Pea Gold, Coconut Crystals* Stevia Extract, Cinnamon*, Cayenne, Maca". 


Serving Size - 1-3 Tsp. 

Preparation - Instant Tea - Place 1-3 Tsp into a Brewing Utensil then Add Hot Water and Simply Stir.

Mocha Delight LatteAdd 1-3 Tsp of Mocha Delight into Hot Water. Blend on High for 3 Seconds. Run through Sieve (if no Potential Residues of Beneficial Herbs are wanted) into a Cup. Add Your Favourite Nut Milk for a Wellness Latte.

ED-I- Melt a Piece of Your Favourite Dark Chocolate with a Cup of Mocha Delight for a Extra Rich Gourmet Cafe Feel, or Add a Little Coconut Oil for a Silk like Texture. Also Great in Smoothies, Whole-Foods and Desserts!


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