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Mugwort Tea - Organic Herbal


Organic Mugwort is a Loose Leaf Relaxation & Before Bedtime Herbal Tea. A Calming Holistic Botanical, Aka Dream Sage makes for a Unique Dream Recall Tonic.


Organic Mugwort Loose Leaf is Best Known as an Holistic Relaxation and Before Bedtime Herbal Tea.

Mugwort has Been Used for 13000 Years by the Chumash Indians of North America, Where it is Known as the Dream Sage.

Organic Mugwort is Botanically Related to Wormwood, and has a Pleasant Sweet Flavour, Also known as Artemisia, Felon Herb, Douglas Mugwort and Sailor's Tobacco.


Mugwort Derived its Name from Originally Having Been used to Flavour Beer, Before the Wide Use of Hops.

The Botanical Name is Derived from Artemisia, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills.

Roman Soldiers Would Use Mugwort in their Sandals to Keep their Feet from Getting Tired.

Native Americans Equate Mugwort with Witchcraft. They Believed that the Rubbing of the Leaves on the Body are Said to Keep Ghosts Away, and a Necklace of Mugwort Leaves is Said to Help Protect Against Dreaming About the Dead.


Dosage - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Organic Mugwort Tea and Allow to Steep for 5-15 Minutes. 

Precautions - Not Recommended while Pregnant. Habitual Use May Cause Nervous Problems and Liver Damage.


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