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Natural - Vitality Shot


Organically Support Longevity with a Clean & Delicious Vitality Shot to Boost Natural Wellbeing. Perfect for the First Aid Kit as a Holistic Go To!


A Fantastic Nutritious way to Help You have Your Best Day Everyday! A Passionately Hand Crafted and Most Delicious Rejuvenating Botanical Blend that Offers a Full Spectrum of Support to Help Regenerate Deep Life Force and Preserve Youthfulness Organically. 

Eternal Delights Natural Vitality Shot Organically Boosts Wellbeing and Perfect for the First Aid Kit to Support Your Best Wellbeing! 

Natural Vitality Powder has Become a Favourite Among Endurance Athletes and the Wellness Conscious. Support Your Performance with our Trusted Functional Whole-Food (Real Food) Sports Nutrition and Best Organic Supplements as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014. 


A Nourishing Blend of Happy Holistic Herbs, and a Functional Whole-Food Sports Wellness Promoting Powder. Natural is Great for Every Day Use and Tastes like a Refreshing and Yummy Ice Tea! A Naturally Delicious Vitality Shot that Combines the Best of Science with the Best of Nature.

Natural Powder is Perfect for the Office, School, Home Pantry or Gym and is Delicious when Prepared as a Cold Drink or Iced Tea. Fantastic Before and After Exercise to Holistically Help in Reducing Muscle Breakdown.

Natural is an Easy Way to Organically Refuel Balance and Your Restorative Needs! Great for Everyday Use and Offers a Clean Advantage for Athletes to Sustain Peak Physical Potential for Longer. Which Makes it Perfect for Everyone, Especially Athletes and People with a Active Lifestyle.

A Paleo and Vegan Wellness Blend that is Refreshingly Perfect for Body Sculpting, Weight Management Goals and for Any Body Performing Aerobic and Strength Training Exercises to Build Lean Muscle Mass.


Wildcrafted" Organic* Ingredients - Camu Camu", Ginger, Turmeric*, MSM, Echinacea Extract, Magnesium, Pro Pea Gold, Stevia Leaf Extract.


Dosage - 1-2 Tsp.

PreparationMix 1-2 Tsp with a Glass of Water, Juice or Smoothie. Great for Pre and Post Workout. Works Best for Recovery when Used Three Times Daily.


Servings Per Bag and Cost Per Serving.

18g Bag = 6 Serves = $0.83 Per Serve.
55g Bag = 18 Serves = $0.54 Per Serve.
160g Bag = 53 Serves = $0.47 Per Serve.
400g Bag = 133 Serves = $0.40 Per Serve.


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