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Nutmeg Whole - Premium


Premium Whole Nutmeg has a Warm Aroma, Spicy Flavour & is used in Sweet & Savoury Culinary Creations. Best Grated Fresh when Cooking Heavy Foods or Milks.


Nutmeg is a Popular Spice that has a Long List of Culinary Benefits. Try Drinking a Cup of Nut Milk with Grated Nutmeg Before Going to Bed.

Fragrance Rich Premium Whole Nutmeg is One of the Highly Prized Spices known Since Ancient Times for its Aromatic and Curative Properties.

Premium Whole Nutmeg Delivers an Amazing Array of Advantages for Your Wellbeing. During Ancient Times, Roman and Greek Civilisations used Nutmeg as a Herbal Tonic for Relaxation.

Like Many Spices, Nutmeg is One of those Additions to Food that Brings a Little Kick of Warmth. Traditionally Used in Chinese and East Indian Cultures and was Once a Rare, Costly Spice Prized by Byzantine Traders who Obtained it from Arabia.


Dosage - 1 Tsp (Grated) Can Effectively Flavour an Entire Batch of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Caution - Nutmeg was Once Considered an Abortifacient, but may be Safe for Culinary use During Pregnancy.