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Oat Straw Tea - Organic


Organic Oat Straw Loose Leaf Tea has a Positive Effect on Restoring Balance & Vitality Naturally, to One's Wellbeing. Make a Herbal Tonic & Tincture Today!


Add Some Relaxation to Your Busy Workday with Oat Straw Herbal Loose Leaf Tea. Organic Oat Straw is Also Known as Avena Sativa, and Organically Contains Soothing Therapeutic, and Raw Beauty Wellness Properties. 

Organic Oat Straw Herbal Loose Leaf Tea is Holistically Calming and Used to Restore Balance and Whole Wellbeing. Enjoy a Nourishing Tonic Today, to Encourage Vitality and a Positive Flow to Your Day.


Dosage - Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation - Herbal Infusion - Add Boiled Water and Allow to Steep for 15 Minutes.

Overnight Infusion - Place 1 Cup of Oat Straw in a 1 Litre Jar. Fill with Boiled Water, Place Lid on Jar and Allow to Set for 4-12 Hours.

Keep Unused Portion of the Overnight Infusion in the Refrigerator. Drink One to Three Times Daily for Best Results.

Precaution - People with Allergies to Gluten Should Avoid Oat Straw.