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Olive Leaf Tea - (Organic)


Organic Olive Loose Leaf Herbal Tea was Holistically Used in Ancient Egypt to Help Calm Fevers. A Light Steeping Delivers a Satisfying Mellow Flavour.


Organic Olive Loose Leaf Tea is More Than Just a Herbal Refreshment and Has Many Wellness Uses.

Organic Olive Leaf Poultices may Holistically Nourish the Skin by Encouraging Circulation, Making it an Essential Herb for a Natural Approach to Wellbeing.

Olive Leaf Herbal Tea can be Organically Used as a Gargle for Mouth and Gum Complaints.

Organic Olive Leaf Holistic Herbal Tea can Also be used as a Skin Wash for Cuts and Grazes, Plus a Hand Soak, Scalp Conditioner or as a Foot Bath, and is Great for Your Wellness Pantry.


Organic Olive Leaf Herbal Tea is Completely Unique and Tastes like Nothing Else.

Note - Organic Olive Leaf is Classed as a Novel Food in Australia and New Zealand, So We are Only Able to Officially Sell to Our Overseas Clients.

If You Have Any Questions Please Email or Call.


Ingredients - Organic Olive Leaf*.

Serving Size - 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Olive Leaf and Allow to Steep for 7-15 Minutes.