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Organic Guarana Extract Powder


Our 100% Uplifting Organic Guarana Extract Powder is Highly Effective for Nourishing High-Intensity Exercise, Sports Performance & Weight Management Goals.


Organic Guarana is a Small Wildcrafted Bean that Grows Predominantly in South America, Especially in the Amazonian Rainforest Jungle.

100% Organic Guarana Extract Powder  is a Clean and Uplifting Holistic Superfood which Organically Nourishes Stamina During Training Sessions, Resulting in You Getting Your Best Performance!

With 22% Caffeine it Organically Boosts Endurance Levels and Creating the Best Natural Environment for You to Naturally Maintain Harder and Heavier Workouts. 


Support Your Athletic Performance and Weight Management Goals, with our Trusted (Real-Food) Sports Nutrition and Best Organic Supplements, As used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.

Wildcrafted Guarana is Highly Effective for Improving High Performance During Short-Term and High-Intensity Exercise, Such as Weight Training and Beyond!


Serving Size - We Recommend 1/8 Teaspoon, 45 Minutes Before Physical Exercise.

Preparation - Add 1/8 Teaspoon (500mg) to Your Preferred Amount of Water, Smoothie or Fruit Juice and Consume Immediately. 

There is No Standard Dose of Organic Guarana, Some People use Between 200 to 800 Milligrams a Day. Ask Your Doctor for Advice.

Precautions - Organic Guarana Extract is a Caffeine Containing Herb and Should Not Be Overused. Pregnant Women or Nursing Mothers Should Not use Guarana Extract.

Overuse Can Cause Strain on the Urinary Tract, Heart Palpitations or Insomnia. You should Not use Guarana Extract with Other Stimulants.

Anyone who has Been Advised to Avoid Coffee should Avoid Guarana. If You have Any Concerns Please Consult a Doctor Before Use.


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