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Parsley Powder - Premium NZ


Premium Parsley is a Raw Culinary Powder for a Vital Lifestyle. Grown in the Rich Soil Of Canterbury NZ & is High in Concentrated Plant-Based Nutrients.


Premium New Zealand Parsley is One of the Most Common Herbs You'll Find. It's Used in Many Culinary Dishes as a Garnish and Flavouring In the Past. More Recently, the Wellness Benefits of this Beautiful Green Leaf have come to Light, and People are Consuming it in a Variety of Forms.

Parsley Powder may be Consumed Alone or Added with Other Flavours for a Custom Blend. Try it in Your Smoothie or Soup! No Matter how it's used, Drinking a Cup of Parsley Each Day is Good for You. 

This Vibrant Dried and Parsley Powder Gives You the Ultimate Flexibility Unlike Fresh Parsley, Which is not Convenient to Store, Clean, Prep and Cook.


Eternal Delight's New Zealand Raw Premium Parsley is Grown in the Nutrient Rich Soil of Canterbury New Zealand Under Organic Conditions, But is not Organically Certified.

Dehydrated Delicately using Custom Equipment Removing all the Moisture and Mill to a Superfine Powder that Delivers a Stunning, Pure Green and Instant Vitality Juice. Our Pure, Real-Food Premium Parsley Powder is High in Concentrated Plant-Based Nutrients, Plus has a Long Happy Shelf Life and is Perfect for the Pantry!


Dosage1-2 Teaspoon.

Preparation - Can Be Added to Any Food, Once or Twice Daily. Try Adding to Salads, Smoothies or Soups!


Green Smoothie - Non Fruit Recipe.