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Passion Flower Tea - Organic


Organic Passion Flower is a Feminine Herb used to Promote a Calm & Natural Wellbeing Feeling. Holistically Stimulates Relaxation & Promotes Wellness. 


Organic Passion Flower Herbal Tea, Stimulates Relaxation and has a Calming Holistic Effect on Whole Wellbeing. Passion is a Vine whose Leaves and Flowers are Widely used in Europe to Make a Tonic Remedy.

Passionflower is found in a Combination of Herbal Products used as a Sedative for Promoting Calmness and Relaxation. Other Herbs Contained in these Products that Work Well with Organic Passion Flower Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Include Chamomile, Hops, Kava, Skullcap and Valerian.


Dosage - 1/2-1g of Passion Flower Per Cup. Add Passion Flower and a Cup of Water to the Pot and Bring the Mixture to a Boil the Simmer and Allow the Tea to Steep for Approximately 15 to 20 Minutes.

Then Strain the Liquid to Remove Any Large Particles in the Tea. You can Reheat the Mixture and Bring to a Boil in Order to Reduce the Amount of Tea that you will Need to Drink. Allow the Tea to Cool.

Precaution - Too Much Passion Flower Can Cause Some Side Effects, Such as Dizziness, Confusion, Irregular Muscle Action and Coordination, Altered Consciousness, and Inflamed Blood Vessels.

Passion Flower Might Cause Sleepiness and Drowsiness. Medications that cause Sleepiness are Called Sedatives. Taking Passionflower Along with Sedative Medications Might Cause Too Much Sleepiness. Do Not Overuse.