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Pennyroyal Tea - Wildcrafted


Aka Moroccan Mint, Wildcrafted Pennyroyal Tea was Made Famous by Nirvana & is an Aromatic Herb that is Used Extensively in Aromatherapy & Herbalism.


Wildcrafted Pennyroyal Tea, Aka Moroccan Mint is the Smallest Member of the Mint Family and is a World Renowned Holistic Herbal Tea that has a Pungent Aroma and Acrid Mint Flavour.

The Spicy, Bitter Leaves of Wildcrafted Pennyroyal are Relaxing and Organically Calming. Sit and Drink Pennyroyal Tea / Distill the Life that's Inside of Me / Sit and Drink Pennyroyal Tea / I'm Anaemic Royalty - Lyrics from Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana.

In Ancient Rome, Pennyroyal was thought to Purify Air and Water and was Hung in the Rooms of Sick People Because of its Strong Aroma.

A Good Combination Teas are Equal Parts Pennyroyal, Elderflowers and Yarrow. Pennyroyal is Used in a Number of Culinary Dishes Such as Stuffing and Pudding.


Dosage - 1 Teaspoon Per Cup - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Pennyroyal Tea and Allow to Steep for 2-4 Minutes.

Precautions - Should Never be taken by Women that are Pregnant or think they may be Pregnant as it is a well known Abortifacient.

Pregnant Women and People who suffer from Kidney or Liver Problems should Not handle or Use Pennyroyal.

Caution - Pennyroyal Plant Should Never be Ingested or Taken Internally as it is Highly Poisonous Even in Small Doses.