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Pro Pea Gold - Pure Protein


Pure Pro Pea Gold is a Vegan & Paleo 85% Protein Isolate Powder. A Creamy & 100% Plant-Based Whole Muscle Builder to Increase Thickness & Nourish Wellness.


Pro Pea Gold is a Pure 85% Protein Isolate Powder that is 100% Free from Gluten, Dairy, Lactose and is 100% Non-GMO. Pure Pea Protein is a Safe and Creamy Alternative for People with Allergies to Milk Products.

Eternal Delight's Pure Protein Powder Is Rich In Protein at 85%, High in BCAAs and Mixes Easily with Water. People Avoiding Casein, Whey Proteins, Lactose Intolerance and Vegetarians with Soy Allergies. Naturally Vegan and Lactose Free.

Whether You're Following a Vegan Diet or Simply Just Trying to Cut Down on Animal Foods, Pea 85% Protein will Easily Help You Meet, Your Protein Needs.


Extracted from the Golden Pea, Pro Pea Gold is a Pure 85% Protein Isolate and Whole-Food with a Neutral Creamy Taste. Used in Dairy Alternatives Such as Cheeses, Milk and Yoghurt.

Using Pea 85% Protein Powder is Becoming a Fast Favourite for Gym-Goers and Fitness Conscious People Alike!

Pro Pea Gold is a Pure Protein Pea Isolate Powder Nourishes Whole Muscle Thickness and Supports Fitness Wellness. A Clean Safe Option for People who Cannot Tolerate Animal-Based Protein Powder Mixtures.


Dosage - 2-4 Tbsp (18g-34g) Per Day is Recommended. A General Protein Guide is that an Athlete Needs 1.5-2.2g of Protein Per Kilogram of Bodyweight Per Day.

Make Any Meal a High Protein Meal, Morning, Noon and Night! Pea Protein can be taken at Any Time of the Day, up to 3 x a Day.

Want New Ideas for Incorporating Protein Powder into Your Cooking and Baking. Check out our Recipe Blog!


100% Pea Protein Powder.

Protein 85.3g.
Tryptophan 1000 mg.
Threonine 3900 mg.
Isoleucine 4700 mg.
Leucine 8700 mg.
Lysine 7700 mg.
Methionine 1200 mg.
Cystine 1100 mg.
Phenylalanine 5600 mg.
Tyrosine 3900 mg.
Valine 5200 mg.
Arginine 9100 mg.
Histidine 2700 mg.
Alanine 4400 mg.
Aspartic acid 12500 mg.
Glutamic acid 20300 mg.
Glycine 4100 mg.
Proline 4400 mg.
Serine 5600 mg.