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Ascorbic Acid - Pure Vitamin C Powder


Ascorbic Acid Powder is 100% Pure Vitamin C. Take Your Holistic Wellbeing to the Next Level with this Potent & Convenient Synthetic Wellness Supplement.


Ascorbic Acid is a 100% Potent form of Vitamin C to Synthetic Boost and Take Your Holistic Wellbeing to the Next Level. Our Human Bodies are Incapable of making Vitamin C and We Must Consume it on a Daily Basis.

Without Adequate Vitamin C in Your Daily Routine, You Heal More Slowly and Are More Prone to Bruising. Making Eternal Delight's 100% Ascorbic Acid Powder a Beneficial Synthetic Supplement to Keep in the Pantry for those Days You Feel that You Need to Boost Your Wellbeing!

ED-I - Viral Infections, Fevers, Smoking and Excessive Consumption of Alcohol all Cause a Rapid Decline in Your Vitamin C Levels.


100% Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder.


Dosage - 1/2 Teaspoon or more with Water or Juice.

Precaution - Vitamin C is Widely Considered to be Safe, Although at High Doses (2-6g/Day) You may Experience Gastric Distress. The Level at Which this Happens is a Highly Individual Matter and will Depend on Your Current Need for Vitamin C, Which May Vary.

This Side Effect is Not Dangerous and Disappears Quickly when You Reduce Your Intake. Most Experts Recommend 1g=1 Teaspoon a Day of Vitamin C, Ideally taken in Two 0.5g=1/2 Teaspoon Doses. Individuals with Abnormally High Iron Levels Should Not Take Vitamin C.


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