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White Royal Quinoa - Organic


A Naturally Gluten Free Whole-Food to Nourish Wellness, White Royal Quinoa is a Light & Delicious, Organic Culinary Grain that has a Nice Nutty Flavour. 


Organic White Royal Quinoa has the Highest Whole-Grain Protein Content at (12%-18%). Perfect for Vegetarians, Vegans and Fitness Lovers.

Culinary Ethnologists will be Interested to know that Quinoa has Been a Staple Food for Thousands of Years in the Andes Region of South America. 

Organic Quinoa can be Prepared Naturally like Whole Grains, Such as Rice or Barley and Can be Substituted for Almost Any Grain in Almost Any Recipe.

Quinoa Could be Your New Favourite Organic High Protein at (12%-18%), Whole Grain for the Fact that it only Takes 10 to 15 Minutes to Cook. 

ED-I - Quinoa is usually Considered to be a Whole Grain, But it is Actually a Seed.


Dosage - Add 1 Part Quinoa to 2 Parts Water, To Your Rice Cooker or Pot.

Wash - Before Cooking Quinoa Grains: First Wash Quinoa.

If You Can Take the Time Soak Best to Soak Quinoa in a Jar of Water for at Least 15 to 25 Mins to Activate.

Preparation - Prepare Quinoa as You would Prepare Rice. Cover Organic Quinoa with Water or Vegetable BrothBoil Until Soft, or About 15-20 Minutes. 

ED-I - Try Adding a Bit of Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Lemon Juice!

Try a Vegetable Stir-Fry Over Cooked Quinoa instead of Rice. Quinoa is a Versatile Superfood, Which You Can use it from Soups, Salads, Baking and Desserts, as it Looks and Tastes Great.