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Raw Cacao Powder - (Organic)

$ 9.99 NZD

Our Dominican Republic Organic Cacao Powder Has a Rich Chocolate Aroma with a Delicious Floral Flavour and is Perfect for Your Raw Culinary Creations.


Our Dominican Republic Organic Cacao Powder is Deliciously Raw and a Must for the Chocolate Connoisseur to Use in their Culinary Creations.

The Secrets to the "Food of the Gods" and Chocolate's Incredible Benefits are Unlocked when Eaten in it's Pure and Unheated State.

All the Rejuvenating Properties and Holistic Qualities of Chocolate is Found in Our Raw Cacao Powder, Making Our Organic Chocolate Powder One of Nature's Most Fantastic Superfoods.

Eternal Delight's Organic Cacao Powder is One of the Most Uniquely Beautiful and Premier Superfoods on Earth.

All Chocolate Comes from Raw Cacao or Cocoa as it is More Commonly Known.

Cacao is the Seed or (Nut) of a Fruit from an Organic Dominican Republic Tree.


Our Caribbean Organic Cacao Powder is Raw, 80% Fermented and Full of Flavour.

Organic Cacao Pods are Hand Picked and then the Seeds are Sun Dried to 80% Fermentation to Bring Out a Nice and Rich Chocolate Flavour.

Fermentation is Highly Beneficial For Any Food.

Organic Cacao Beans are then Hand Peeled and Stone Ground by Native Artisans to Preserve its Natural Density.

Just One Spoon Can Transform Any Recipe into a Delicious Chocolate Treat.

Our Organic Cacao is Dried at a Low Temperature Process and Keeps this Superfood Precious, Allowing You to Experience Luxurious Taste.


Organic* Ingredient - Cacao Powder*.


Serving Size - 1 Tbsp Per Serve.

Preparation - Add to Your Smoothies, Cereals, Overnight Oats, Protein Shakes Smoothies, Desserts etc.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.