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Raw German Sauerkraut


Try Traditionally Fermented Raw German Sauerkraut Today! Holistically Nourishing, Super Satisfying & Yummy! A Great Whole-Food for Organic Wellness!


Eternal Delight's Organically Craft Batched and Fermented White Sauerkraut is Unpasteurised. Raw German White Sauerkraut is an Extremely Satisfying Whole-Food Condiment to Complement Any Dish in Flavour and Wellbeing Value. Sauerkraut Organically Supports Best Wellness.

Sauerkraut is a Holistic and Delicious way to Add to Almost Any Savoury Meal. Eternal Delight's Sauerkraut is a Passionately Hand-Crafted, Whole Fermented Food.

Eternal Delight's White Sauerkraut is Made by a Process of Pickling. The Cabbage is Traditionally Chopped by Hand, Seasoned and then Carefully Massaged with New Zealand Sea Salt. The Wholesome Cabbage is then Left to Fully Ferment.

Making a Small Batch of Sauerkraut is Fun, But if You don't have Time or Just Simply Want to Enjoy Eternal Delight's Traditionally Nourishing and Yummy, Holistic German Recipe Today, then You are at the Right Place.


New Zealand^ Wildcrafted" Ingredients - White Cabbage^, Sea Salt^

Store in Refrigerator once Received - Shelf-life 3-6 months. 

You Can Extend Sauerkraut's Shelf Life by Making Sure the Surface is Always Covered with Brine while Kept in the Fridge. Once the Bag of Sauerkraut has been Opened, it's Best to Store in Glass Jar(s) in the Refrigerator.

Precautions - May Upset the Stomach of People who are New to Eating Raw Sauerkraut and Raw Foods. Best to Slowly Introduce Sauerkraut in Small Volumes, like a Teaspoon at a Time. 


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