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Real-Lax - Organic Relaxation


Organic Real-Lax is a Minty, Herbal Powder to Nourish Restorative Relaxation & Best Wellbeing. A Pre Bedtime, Botanical Night Cap & Beauty Wellness Treat.


Delicious Real-Lax Powder has a Yummy Peppermint Taste with a Cooling Alkaline and Cosy Organic Feel. To Nourish and Tuck You In at Night, For You to Naturally Find Your Way into Dream Land.

An Easy Vegan and Holistic Raw Beauty Approach Towards Calm, Restorative Rest, Better Balance and Whole Wellbeing!

Sick of Having Restless Nights, Try Organic Real-Lax! A Unique Combination of Rare, Relaxation Herbs and the Best Calming Functional Whole-Foods for a Delightfully Refreshing Approach! 

With 100% No Nasties, Raw, Passionately Handcrafted and Perfect for the Fitness and Wellness Conscious. Enjoy as a Warm Herbal Tea, Cold Bedtime Smoothie or Both!

Support Your Athletic Performance with our (Real Food) Sports Nutrition and Trusted Organic Functional Whole-Foods as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.


Our Organic Real-Lax Powder is a Safe Non-Addictive Herbal Formula.

Wildcrafted" New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Valerian Extract, Hops^* Turmeric* He Huan Pi", Milk Thistle* Peppermint* MSM, Lucuma", Golden Pea Protein, Magnesium, Camu Camu", Stevia Leaf Extract.


Serving Size - 1-2 Tsp.

Preparation - Take 1-2 Tsp with a Cup of Lukewarm Water, 30 Minutes Before Bedtime. You can also use in Juice or Smoothie.

Works Best when Blended.

If You Choose to Make an Organic Real-Lax Tea, It is Best to use Warm Water Instead of Hot Water, To Preserve the Active Botanical Compounds.


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