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Real-Lax - Organic Relaxation


Organic Real-Lax is a Cooling & Restorative Herbal Powder to Nourish Relaxation & Holistically Build Wellbeing. A Botanical Pre Bedtime Wellness Treat.


Organic Real-Lax Powder has a Yummy Peppermint Taste and is a Nourishing Vegan and Paleo Relaxation Powerhouse! A Botanical Pre Bedtime Wellness Treat to Organically Help Ease Your Way into Dream Land.

Organic Real-Lax is a Delicious Herbal Wellbeing Blend that has a Good Source of Clean Plant-Based Protein at 17.6%. An Easy and Holistic Approach Towards Restorative Rest.

A Truely Fantastic Functional Whole-Food, Passionately Hand Crafted and Rich in Holistic Wellness Ingredients. Organic Real-Lax is a Refreshing, 100% No Nasties Formula and Delightful Combination of Rare Relaxation Herbs, and the Best Calming Functional Whole-Foods! Enjoy as a Hot Tea, Cold Smoothie or Both!

Support Your Athletic Performance with our (Real Food) Sports Nutrition and Trusted Organic Functional Whole-Foods as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.


Our Organic Real-Lax Powder is a Safe Non-Addictive Herbal Formula.

Wildcrafted" New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Valerian Extract, Hops^* Turmeric* He Huan Pi", Milk Thistle* Peppermint* MSM, Lucuma", Pro Pea Gold, Magnesium, Camu Camu", Stevia Leaf Extract.


Dosage - 1-2 Tsp.

Preparation - Take 1-2 Tsp with a Cup of Lukewarm Water, 30 Minutes Before Bedtime. You can also use in Juice or Smoothie. Works Best when Blended.

If You Choose to Make an Organic Real-Lax Tea, It is Best to use Warm Water Instead of Hot Water, To Preserve the Active Botanical Compounds.


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