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Red Reishi Mushroom Tea - (Wildcrafted)


Wildcrafted Red Reishi Mushroom (TCM) Herbal Tea is the Perfect Asset for Your Holistic Wellness Pantry to Nourish Your Best Vitality and Wellbeing!


Whole Sliced Red Reishi Herbal Tea is Well Known to Have Miraculous Wellness Benefits and is Regarded as One of the Most Powerful Holistic Substances on the Planet.

Wildcrafted 100% Whole Red Reishi Slices Herbal Tea is Naturally Great for Vitality and Overall Wellbeing.

The Botanical Name of Reishi is Ganoderma lucidum and is Also Called Ling Zhi. 

Note - Reishi is Classed as a Novel Food in Australia and New Zealand, So We are Only Able to Officially Sell to Our Overseas Clients.

If You Have Any Questions Please Email or Call.


Red Reishi Slices is an Holistic and Traditional (TCM) Herbal Tea that is Well known to have Miraculous Wellness Benefits and is Regarded as One of the Most Powerful Natural Substances on the Planet.

Wildcrafted Reishi Mushroom has Been used as a Organic Health and Wellness Tonic for Over Two Thousand Years.

The Practice of Drinking Reishi Tea has Existed for Thousands of Years and is Still One of the Best Ways to Reap the Benefits of this Holistic Herb.


Ingredient - Pure Red Reishi Slices.

Serving Size - 1 Tbsp (2g) Per Cup.

Many Benefits of Reishi Tea are locked in the Chitin and Need a Hot Water Extraction.

Preparation - Add 1 and 1/2 Cups of Water for Every Gram of Reishi and Bring Water to a Boil, Then Reduce Heat and Simmer, Until there is a Fraction of the Original Water Remaining.

You can Repeat the Process with the Strained / Used Pieces until their is no Longer Colour or Flavour.

Your Reishi Tea will Keep for a Few Days in the Refrigerator, So Feel Free to Make a Few Batches at a Time.

Precautions - Do Not take if you're on Blood-thinning Medications. For your First Time using Wildcrafted Reishi, Only try a Small Amount of Tea to make sure it Agrees with You.