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Rose Petals - Organic


Organic Rose Petals Tea, aka the Flower of Love, Is Holistically used for Happiness, Relaxation & Balance. Valued for its Beauty for Thousands of Years.


Enjoy and Breathe In the Pleasant Floral Scent of Organic Red Rose Petals and Add a Romantic Touch to your Tea Collection, Cooking, Baking and Natural Body Care Routine. Rose Petals aka the Flower of Love.

Organic Rose Petals Tea is an Easy and Relaxed Approach to Better Vitality. Holistically Calming.

The Many Holistic Benefits of Organic Rose Tea Include its Most Relaxing Attribute.

Also known as Rosa, Provence Rose, French Rose, Cabbage Rose, Red Rose, and Pink Rose. Holistically used for to Promote Happiness, Wellness & Vitality. 

The Rose Flower has been Valued for its Beauty and its Perfume for Thousands of Years. Organic Rose Teas Magical Properties may Induce Sweeter Dreams, Increase Concentration and Rate of Work Capacity.

Organic Rose Petals Tea is Know for Love, Psychic Powers, Divination and Peace.


1-2 Teaspoon Per Cup. Add Lightly Boiled Water (90°c to 95°c) to your Rose Tea and Steep for 2-3 Minutes.