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Sage Tea - (Organic)

$ 8.99 NZD

Organic Sage is a Relaxing and Soothing Culinary Herb that Tastes Great with a Slice of Lemon. A Popular Botanical Tea for Womens Wellness and Wellbeing.


There is Something Holistically Grounding and Relaxing About a Hot Cup of Organic Sage Tea with Lemon, Sipped Slowly on a Winters Day.

Delightfully Balancing as a Cup of Herbal Tea and Delicious when Topped Off, With Your Favourite Milk.

Organic Sage Has a Long Rich History as a Culinary Herb, Dating Back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Region, Organic Sage Herbal Loose Leaf Tea is a Well Regarded Soothing Herb for Women.


The Native American Tribes were Known to Use Sage for Multiple Purposes Such As Clearing Space and in Ceremonies Utilising Sage for Smudging.

Smudging is a Native American Ritual that's like "Spiritual House Cleaning" or Spiritual Purification.

By Burning Sage, the Powerful Essential Organic Oils Positivity Cleanse the Room and All Within It.


Organic* Ingredient - Sage*.

Serving Size - 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Organic Sage and Allow to Steep for 4-6 Minutes. For A Stronger Brew, Steep for 7-12 Minutes.