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Sarsaparilla Root Tea - Organic


Sarsaparilla Root is Sweet Smelling & Gave Old Fashioned Root Beer its Full Flavour. An Organic Sports Wellness Tea to Holistically Nourish Muscle Mass. 


Organic Sarsaparilla Root Tea has a Slightly Sweet, Mild Spicy Flavour and Natural Scent. Commonly used as a Flavouring for Carbonated Soft Drinks, Especially Traditional Root Beer.

In Addition to Organic Sarsaparilla Root Tea's Great Flavour, It Offers the Gym Junkie and Fitness Lovers a Legal and Holistic Edge. Naturally Nourishes Muscle Growth and Whole Wellbeing.

An Time and Tested Herbal Flavour and Uplifting Root Tonic. Sarsaparilla is a Vine that Grows in Central and South American Rain Forests, Jamaica, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Australia. Sarsaparilla has a Prickly Stem, a Long Tuberous Root and a Vine that Can Grow as Long as 50 Feet.


Dosage - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Boiled Water to your Organic Sarsaparilla Root Tea and Allow to Steep for 5-10 Minutes. For a More 'Stronger Brew' Steep for 10-15 Minutes.

Precautions - Due to its Effect on Human Hormone Levels, However, Including Testosterone, it's Not Recommended to Prolong your use of this Root.

Some known Side Effects of Sarsaparilla Include Asthma or Shortness of Breath, Injury of Blood Cells and Even Possible Harm to the Kidneys.

Contact your Doctor Right Away if You Experience Any of these Symptoms. Don't Use Sarsaparilla Tea if you're Pregnant or Breastfeeding or Have Asthma. Check with your Doctor before Using if you're Already Taking a Diuretic.