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Schisandra Berries - Organic


Organic Schisandra Berries is a Famous Tea, Traditionally used by Royalty & Master Herbalists. Contains the Three Treasures known as Jing, Qi & Shen.


Organic Schisandra is a Famous Berry Made into a Herbal (TCM) Tonic, Traditionally used by Royalty and Master Herbalists. One of the Few Botanical Herbs that Contain the Three Treasures Known as Jing, Qi and Shen.

Mildly Calming Tonic Vitality. Officially Known as Schisandra Chinensis, the Schisandra Fruit, Also Known As Wu Wei Zi (Five Flavour Fruit), and has been used in Traditional Chinese (TCM) for Centuries.

Organic Schisandra Berries has All Five Tastes and Supports all Five "Elements". The Powerful Organic Properties of Schisandra Berry, Make it One of the Most Transformational Natural and Raw Beauty Teas of All Time.


Dosage - 1-2 Tbsp of Dried Berries.

TCM Decoction Preparation - Add 1-2 Tbsp of Dried Berries to 250ml of Water, Then Lightly Boil for 5-10 Minutes, and Allow to Steep for Another 20 to 30 Minutes.

You Can Generally Enjoy Up to 100ml of Schisandra Berry Decoction and Herbal Tea Liquid, Up to 3 x Per Day.

Fruit Juice Infusion - Pour 1 Tbsp to a 1 Litre of a Dark Fruit Juice and Allow to Soak for 1 Day.

Works Synergistically with Siberian Ginseng.

Precautions - Not Recommended for Pregnant Women. Not Recommended for People Experiencing Acute Infections Such as Colds or Flu etc.

People with High Blood Pressure or Seizure Disorders, Consult with their Physician Before Using. Occasionally Some People May Experience Digestive Upset, Drowsiness, or Skin Rash.

May Interact with Some Medications. Please Consult with a Qualified Health Care Practitioner about the Suitability of this Herb for Your Particular Situation.