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Schisandra Extract Powder - Organic


Organic Schisandra Extract Powder Contains Three (TCM) Treasures known as Jing, Qi & Shen. A Famous Endurance Tonic used by Royalty & Master Herbalists.


Organic Schisandra Extract is from a Delightful Berry and has been Made Famous, Thanks to (TCM).

A Tonic Herb that has Been Traditionally used for Enhancing Sports and Holistic Wellness!

A Potent Organic Extract, Completely Plant-Based and 100% Made from Schisandra Berry.

Mildly Calming and Supports Overall Vitality.

Organic Schisandra Berry Extract Powder is Officially known as Schisandra Chinensis and is Not Yet Well Known in New Zealand.


Containing an Organic Wellbeing Boost of Schizandrin at 2%.

The Schisandra Fruit has been Used Traditionally in Chinese (TCM) for Many Centuries and is Exalted as One of the Most Powerful “Youth Tonics”.

The Naturally Powerful Astringent Properties of Organic Schisandra Berry Extract Make it an Important Transformational Beauty Superfood and Offers a Fantastic Approach to Organically Nourishing Vitality.


Serving Size - 1/4 Tsp (1g).

Preparation - Mix with Water, Juice or Your Favourite Fruit Smoothie.

ED-I - Schisandra Synergistically Works Incredibly Well with Siberian Ginseng!

Precautions - Schisandra is Not Recommended for Pregnant Women.