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Senna Leaf Tea - Organic


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Organic Senna Leafs Holistic Wellbeing & Weight Management Benefits are Countless. Enjoy this Uniquely Delicious, Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Today & Live Well.


Organic Senna Leaf is a Holistic Weight Management Loose Leaf Tea that has a Uniquely Delicious Flavour and Naturally Warming Effect. 

The Senna Plants are Small Shrubs that Bear Yellow or Green Leaflets. Then they are Organically Cultivated and Dried to Make Senna Herbal Tea.

A Refreshing and Cleansing Herbal Tonic that Encourages Natural Movement, to Restore Balance Back in to Your Day.


Dosage - 1 Teaspoon Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to your Organic Senna Leaf and Allow to Steep While Covered for 3-5 Minutes. Or 10-15 Minutes for More Stronger Brew.

Precautions - If You Experience Cramping or Abdominal Pain, You’ve Taken Too Much. Don’t take Senna or Any Other Stimulant Laxative if You take (Furosemide); The Combination can Lead to Potassium Depletion.

Not known to be Safe During Pregnancy. The use of Senna should Not be Administered Over Extended Periods of Time, As it is a Bulk Forming Laxative and Must be Taken with Adequate Fluids.