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Senna Leaf Tea - Organic


Organic Senna Leafs Holistic Wellbeing & Weight Management Benefits are Countless. Enjoy this Uniquely Delicious, Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Today & Live Well.


Organic Senna Leaf Herbal Tea is a Holistic Weight Management Tool that has a Naturally Sweet Flavour and a Naturally Warming Glow. 

The Senna Plants are Small Shrubs that Bear Yellow or Green Leaflets, Organically Cultivated and Dried to Make Nourishing Senna Leaf Herbal Tea.

A Refreshing and Cleansing Herbal Tonic.


Serving Size - 1 Teaspoon Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to your Organic Senna Leaf and Allow to Steep While Covered for 3-5 Minutes.

For a Stronger Brew Steep for 10-15 Minutes.

Precautions - If You Experience Cramping or Abdominal Pain, You’ve Taken Too Much. Don’t take Senna or Any Other Stimulant Laxative if You take (Furosemide); The Combination can Lead to Potassium Depletion.

Not known to be Safe During Pregnancy. The use of Senna should Not be Administered Over Extended Periods of Time, As it is a Bulk Forming Laxative and Must be Taken with Adequate Fluids.