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Spirulina Powder - Organic


Organic Spirulina Powder is One of Nature's Most Perfect Nutrient Rich, Cleansing Superfoods. A World Class Vitality Booster & High in Protein at 57%. 


Spirulina is a Fresh Water Micro Blue Green Algae that Gets its Name from its Microscopic Spiral Shape. Spirulina is Super High in Protein at 57% and has Been Eaten by Many Ancient Cultures throughout History. 

Organic Spirulina Powder is an Incredibly Beneficial Green Superfood. Naturally Vibrant and Loaded with Nutrients that can have Positive Effects on Your Overall Wellbeing. 

Great for a Natural Raw Beauty Approach and Holistically Works as a Cleansing Agent to Boost Better Wellness and is a Valuable Addition to Any Diet. Try Adding to your Smoothies, Coconut Dishes and Desserts!


Dosages - Beginner or Child (Ages 2-9): Less than 1/2 Teaspoon a Day - Normal or Child (Ages 10-18): 1 - 2 Teaspoons a Day - Therapeutic Dose: 2 Teaspoons - 1 Tablespoons a Day - Super-Athlete Dose: as much as 2 Tablespoons a Day.

Preparation - Mix with Water, Juice, Smoothie, etc.

Precaution - Persons with PKU Should Consult a Doctor Before Taking Spirulina.