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Star Anise Powder


Star Anise is a Premium Culinary Spice that has a Sweetish Taste & Pleasant Aroma. Holistically used as One of the Flavours in Chinese Five Spice Powder.


Premium Star Anise Powder is a Holistic Culinary Spice. Star Anise Plants have Attractive, Unusual and Very Flavourful Fruits that Smell and Taste like Liquorice.

The Fruit is Woody and is Shaped like a Star with Eight Rays or a Flower with Eight Petals.

The Seed Pod Can be Made into a Herbal Tea or Chewed as a Breath Freshener. Premium Star Anise Powder has a Sweetish Taste with a Very Pleasant Aroma.

Star Anise is One of the Flavours used in Chinese Five Spice Powder, Is Stronger than Anise and Often Used in Chai, Baked Goods, Confections and Liqueurs.


Dosage - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Herbal Tea Preparation - Add Boiling Water to Your Teapot and Steep for 5-10 Minutes. Can Be Added to Your Smoothies, Coffee, Chai, Baking and Cooking.

Precaution - Be Sure the Particular Herb you use is Chinese, Not Japanese. Japanese Anise is Toxic and Not to Be Taken Internally.