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Stevia Leaf Extract Powder


100% Stevia Leaf is a Powdered Extract at 90% Stevioside & Is 450 Times Stronger than Sugar. A Delicious & Pure, Natural Weight Management Sweetener.


Stevia Leaf Extract 90% Stevioside, is an 100% Natural Sweetener from the Plant Called Stevia Rebaudiana, Genus Stevia of the Sunflower Family. Stevia is Very Very Super Sweet, has No Calories and is Commonly Known as Candy-leaf, Sweet-leaf and Sugar-leaf.

South Americans have Been Organically Using Stevia Leaf for Centuries to Naturally Sweeten Food and Drinks.

As a Natural High-Intensive Sweetener with No-Calories. Organic Stevia Leaf Can Be Used to Replace Sugar. Tickle your Taste Buds with our Super Sweet-Tasting Stevia Loose Leaf Herbal Tea.


A Great Natural Alternative to Refined Sugar with No Nasty Side Effects. Try with Your Favourite Cereal or Use in Your Home Baking.

Natural and Delicious, Pure Concentrated Stevia Leaf Extract Powder is Providing 90% Stevioside! A White, Crystalline Powder that is up to 450 Times Sweeter than Sugar.

Can be Used as a Replacement for Sugar, Honey and Artificial Sweeteners. Stevia is Suitable for Use with All Types of Recipes Including Soups, Baked Products, Desserts and Beverages.


Advantages of Pure Stevia Are:

  • 100% NATURAL with No Artificial Preservatives or Any Additives.
  • No Maltodextrin, No FOS.
  • Special Filtering Removes Bitterness, One of the Best Tasting Stevia Extracts Available.
  • No Refrigeration Necessary. Pantry is Fine.
  • Use for baking (1/4 Teaspoon of Stevia Replaces 1 Cup Sugar).

Eternal Delight's Stevia Leaf Extract Dissolves Rapidly in Liquids. When Dissolved in Water our Stevia Extract Stevia Extract Leaves the Water Completely Clear with No Sediment at the Bottom Since it is 100% Pure Concentrated Stevia Leaf Extract Powder.

Stevia Conversion

Sugar Amount Equivalent Stevia Powdered Extract
1 Cup 1/4 Teaspoon
1 Tablespoon 1/16 Teaspoon
1 Teaspoon A Pinch

These Equivalents are Approximate and Refer to Eternal Delight 90% Stevioside. Some Companies Combine Pure Stevia Powder with Maltodextrin or Another Fillers. While Such Products are Still Sweet, They Don’t Compare in Strength to the Pure Powder.


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