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Uva Ursi Tea


A Unique & Natural Herbal Tonic to Organically Cleanses & Restore Balance. Uva Ursi Tea is Great for General Wellness & Holistically Nourishes Vitality.


Uva Ursi is a Herbal Tonic and Holistic Tea that has a Natural Soothing Effect, While Boosts a Sense of Balance and Whole Wellbeing.

Uva Ursi Loose Leaf Herbal Tea was First Documented in the Early 13th Century.

Uva Ursi Means “Bear's Grape” in Latin and this Unique Botanical Herb, Holistically Aids Water Weight Management. 


Dosage - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation  - Add Boiling Water to Your Uva Ursi Leaves and Allow Tea Steep for 10 to 15 Minutes.

Then Strain the Liquid, Leaving the Dried Uva Ursi Leaves Behind. Add Sweetener if Needed to Your Uva Ursi Tea and Drink Immediately.

The Recommended Dosage is 1-2 Cups Per Day for Adults.

Precautions - Uva Ursi Should Not be Given to Children. Not to be Used During Pregnancy. Not to be Used by Persons with Kidney Disorders, Irritated Digestive Conditions or in Conjunction with Conditions or Remedies that Produce Acidic Urine. Not for Prolonged Use Unless Consulting a Health Care Practitioner.