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Vivid - Organic Herbal Tea


Organic Vivid is a Unique Herbal Tea that Nourishes Restorative Relaxation & Peaceful, Meaningful Dreams. Plus Creates a Natural, Anti Parasite Environment.


Organic Vivid Loose Leaf Tea Holistically Nourishes Relaxation and Meaningful Dreams to Help Balance Emotional Restlessness. 

Vivid Herbal Tea is Slightly Bitter Tasting, Creating an Anti Parasite Environment to Help You Feel Better, Within Your Skin.

Having a Rich Pot of Organic Vivid Herbal Tea 1 Hour Before Bedtime, Provides a Peaceful, Relaxing, Calmative and Tranquil Feeling, Helping You Get Back into Normal Bedtime Patterns.


Organic Vivid Herbal Loose Leaf Tea, Naturally Nourishes the Processes Responsible for Deep Relaxation by Gently Sedating, to Increase Best Bedtime Restoration.

Drinking our Organic Vivid Dreams Before Bedtime is a Great way to Encourage a Calm Mind and a Soothing Nights Rest.


Organic* Ingredients - Rose Petals*, Wormwood*, Valerian Root*, Mugwort*, Damiana Leaf*, Clove.

Serving Size - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation – Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Vivid Dreams Tea Infusion and Allow to Steep for 3-7 Minutes.

For a Stronger Effect, Steep for 15-20 Minutes. 

Re-Use Until Depleted.

Precautions - Valerian May Cause Sleepiness or Daytime Drowsiness if Combined with Drugs that Cause Drowsiness. Valerian is Broken Down in the Liver. Theoretically, it Could Interfere with the Effectiveness of Medications that are Broken Down by the Same Liver Enzymes. Do not Use if Pregnant or Breast Feeding.