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Wormwood Tea - Organic


Organic Wormwood Herbal Loose Leaf Tea helps Cleanse Holistically. It is Providing a Peaceful & Relaxing Feeling.


Organic Wormwood is a Relaxing Herbal Tea that Helps to Cleanse Holistically.

Organic Wormwood has been Smoked or Brewed into Herbal Tea. Therapeutic Tea is One of the Most Bitter Herbs known to Man. A Grey-Green Perennial, Native to Europe, Central Asia and North America. Historically, its upper Shoots, Leaves and Flowers are used Traditionally for Wormwoods Holistic Effect Providing a Peaceful and Relaxing Feeling.

The Most Conventional and Least Harmful way of using Wormwood is as a Tincture or Herbal Tea.


Dosage - Preparing Organic Wormwood Tea is Extremely Simple and can be Done by Adding one Teaspoon of the Herb to 250 ml or one cup of Boiling Water. After Putting the Herb in the Boiling Water, Leave undisturbed for about 10 to 15 minutes Allowing the Medicinal Properties to Soak in the Water. Normally, for Good Results, People Drink Three Cups of the Tea Daily. Best 10 to 15 Minutes Before Every Meal.

Caution - No more than (750ml) of Organic Wormwood Tea may be consumed daily, Should Not be used for more than Four Weeks at a Stretch.

Precautions - Wormwood Can be Poisonous in Large Amounts and Excessive use can Lead to Dependency. Better to dose too less with no effects than too much, risking poisoning yourself or making yourself sick. Do not drive motorised vehicles under the Influence of Organic Wormwood.