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Yarrow Tea - Organic


Drinking Yarrow Tea Naturally Assists a Herbal Cleanse & Nourishes Relaxation. An Organic Loose Leaf Tonic to Holistically Restore Balance & Best Wellbeing.


Organic Yarrow Herbal Loose Leaf Tea has Many Holistic Wellness Benefits and is Famous in the History of Herbal Teas. 

Yarrow is Herbal Wellbeing Tea that has an Organic Relaxing Effect and is Best to Drink, Before Going to Bed.


Dosage - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Add Boiling Water to Your Teapot and Steep for 10 Minutes. Add Sweet Delight or Honey to Sweeten Taste.

Maximum Use is for 10 Days and Then Skip 5 Days. Only Have One Cup of Yarrow Per Day.

ED-I - For Adding Flavour Add a Slice of Lemon. Try Equal Parts Yarrow and Calendula and Steep Together.

Precaution - Pregnant Women Should Not Take Yarrow. The Prolonged Use of High Concentrations of Yarrow Can Cause Allergic Rashes to Develop. If So Consult Your Health Practitioner.

If You are Sensitive to Plants in the Aster Family Such As Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Ragweed, You May Be Sensitive to Yarrow.